Company Overview

Identifying and acquiring under-developed assets with upside potential in the Gulf of Mexico is what Renaissance Offshore is all about. Through targeted acquisitions and negotiated sales, we are focused on building and maintaining our portfolio of assets placing a strong emphasis on oil production. We believe that significant opportunity remains for enhanced recovery from existing fields and infrastructure on the Shelf.

Our acquisitions are targeted at older, legacy fields where we can REVIVE production using our vast knowledge as an operator in the Gulf. Combined with a tremendous equity partner in Quantum Energy Partners, our management team has a proven ability to REDEVELOP oil fields demonstrated by a long history of exploitation success. The E&P experience to recognize potential, theprofessional ability and financial strength to seal the deal, and the expertise and innovation needed for intelligent planning and execution allows Renaissance to RECOVER significant value from assets thought to be largely depleted.

In an era in which E&P activity is continuing to move farther from the coast into deeper and deeper water, we’re staking our claim on what we know and what we’re good at. While the majors and independents constantly seek the next blockbuster discovery, Renaissance Offshore is happy to assume control of forgotten assets with bypassed reserves on the continental shelf.

This is because we know that in Gulf Coast oil production… There is more where that came from.